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Welcome to Indigo of Groton

We are a new clothing and home decor store located in Groton, MA. We were established in 2017 after seeing a need for socially conscious shopping options to complement elegant women and their homes. Indigo of Groton is locally owned, and impacts independent crafters and artists on a global level. Visit us to shop our selection of beautiful housewares, decorative pieces and clothing both from local vendors and sourced from across the world.

Our Hours:

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10-5:30

Wednesday: 10-5:30

Thursday: 10-7

Friday: 10-5:30

Saturday: 10-5

Our Story

Indigo of Groton is owned by Susan Daly and Laura Daly O’Connor, two sisters with deep roots in Groton and the surrounding towns.

Both Susan and Laura have always had an interest in fashion and design, and wanted to open their own business and work together, but the opportunity never presented itself until now.

Susan adopted three brothers from Ethiopia and the journey left a big impression on her. “After traveling to Ethiopia several times to adopt my sons, I fell in love with the country and especially the people. The poverty is overwhelming, however I made several friends during my visits there who were starting businesses and training and employing local women to make their products. The quality and beauty of their work was amazing.  I was able to see first  hand, the impact of teaching the women in the community a skill so they in turn could support their families.  The positive ripple effect was staggering, promoting self esteem, independence, money, and the means to educate their girls so they had a bright future.”

Both Susan and Laura agreed that they wanted to be part of that movement, and Indigo of Groton was the result of their drive and passion to help others.

“Indigo of Groton combines our love of fashion and design with our wish to empower women and girls, not just in Africa, but locally and worldwide. Our focus is to provide simple, beautiful products while supporting artisans and vendors that are socially responsible and women owned or made with few exceptions. We offer a diverse selection of beautiful, well made products that we would wear ourselves or have in our homes.”

Susan Daly and Laura Daly O’Connor, Owners

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If you are interested in featuring your products in our store, or have any questions about our product lines, please contact us.